About Meadow Lake Housing Authority

The MLHA is responsible for 224 rental units since 1967.

MLHA manages family and senior housing units in Meadow Lake, Dorintosh and Loon Lake. 

Vision Statement

The Meadow Lake Housing Authority exists to ensure on behalf of SHC that adequate, affordable and well-maintained housing is accessible to all residents of Meadow Lake.  By delivering housing programs and services that support the dignity and worth of individuals and families we contribute to the physical, social, emotional and economic wellbeing of our clients and our society.

The Housing Authority is administrated by 7 volunteer Board Members, for Saskatchewan Housing Authority.

Application is done by scheduling an appointment with the Tenant Relations Officer at the Housing Authority office at 109 Highway #4 North, just off the service road next door to the Rural Municipal office.

The Board approves or reject all applications, once you are accepted the Housing Authority does a point rating on the applicant, you are awarded points for condition of your current unit, if is suitable (have enough room) Affordability of current unit, Social/Health (physical disability), if there are children, where your present accommodations are. You are then placed on a waiting list based on your point rating score.

Tenants pay on a percentage of total gross income based on a Rent Geared to Income at 30%.  Rent is reviewed annually, Once rent is set it can be adjusted down only if income drops and the tenants bring in a copy of their last month’s income.

Once you are notified that we have a rental accommodation available for you, you will be required to provide verification that you are able to hook up your utilities, this is a lease requirement.

MLHA requires a security deposit of $326.00.

If at any time your utilities are not paid you will be issued an eviction notice.

After signing lease, you will be asked to fill out a “Move In Inspection Report” and that an employee from the Housing Authority will come to your unit and you can tell the person if there was any marks on the walls, holes in the lino, if burners were not working on the stove etc. That way you will not be blamed when moving out.

When you wish to vacate your unit, a full months notice is required, otherwise you will be charged for a month’s rent.

An Employee will make periodic inspections upon mutually agreed upon times.  

You should report all maintenance items to the Housing Authority, smoke detectors, plugged sewers, dripping taps etc. The Housing Authority will send maintenance worker(s) to repair these items. If damages are done to the unit after you move in, you are responsible for the cost of repairing those damages.