Key facts on Saskatchewan Housing Corporation's Social Housing Program

  • Social Housing = rent is calculated as a percentage of income.
  • Saskatchewan Housing Corporation owns/operates approximately 18,200 social housing units across the province.
  • Saskatchewan currently has the most social housing units per capita of all western provinces.


  1. Eligibility criteria
    • Criteria includes maximum income and asset criteria, as outlined in the information packages available on this website.
  2. Prioritization of applicants
    • The criteria includes income, safety and condition of the household’s existing dwelling, whether their current home is overcrowded, and consideration for those who are homeless or victims of domestic abuse.
  3. Rent Calculation
    • Tenants are charged rents at 30 per cent of adjusted household income, which is consistent with the CMHC National Affordability Standard (“adjusted” refers to the exclusion of benefits such as Federal and Provincial benefits for children, seniors or persons with disabilities such as Canada Child Benefit or the Senior Income Plan). Rents will not exceed Maximum rental rate.
    • This creates transparent rental rates and be fairer to both existing and prospective tenants.
  4. Maximum rental rate
    • Currently, rental rates are capped at $1065.00
    • A security deposit of $326.00 is expected to be paid upon move in date.
  5. Minimum rental rate
    • Currently, minimum rent is $326/month and the minimum shelter benefit from the Ministry of Social Services is $326/month.